Turkey Parts - Temporarily removed 01/07/2005  LbNA # 11624 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2004
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationLangley, BRC
Planted BySecret Gardeners    
Found By CSB bc
Last Found Oct 9 2004
Hike Distance?

Cross the border into British Columbia at any one of the Lower Mainland border points with Washington State. You now want to seek out the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) park known as "Derby Reach"

Starting from the Heritage Area (Houston House) of Derby Reach Regional Park

Note: This is a 4 part stamp. Stamp with care, noting the arrows and perhaps use a spare piece of paper before stamping in your book.

After parking, check the kiosk for information and to orient your self on the map. Then pass 10716 on your left before passing through the split rails and left onto the trail. Enjoy the walk; pass more split rails to the “dual-use” trail. At the wish bone, tug the left and gobble, gobble begin your hunt for the first Turkey Part.

As you enter the forest walk, watch for the mossy warty tree on your left. The tree top in this old maple is home to liquorice ferns and an out stretched Turkey Leg that conceals the “Turkey Leg” box.

Back on the trail, walk and talk like a turkey, up, up, up only to go down again, pausing at the crook in the path – you could follow a trail to the road. “X” marks the spot where the “Turkey Tail” is waiting. Back to the trail.

Cross the little stream bed and climb a much bigger hill. At the top, as you catch your breath, wander right but quickly right again before the group of 7. Follow the more worn path, entering the forest till find 2 more wish bones. On the right you can view the gully and if you turn around you will see the work of – no not a turkey – but a Pileated Woodpecker higher up on a fir tree. Pass the wish bone nearest the path and look here for the “Turkey Head”.

Now over a log and on and on, skirting the storm damage, ducking under one then over another, the gully is still on your right. Don’t forget to listen, you might hear frogs, birds and maybe even a distant train. Continue on – you will go quite a way - until you reach the “head” guarding the path before you descend.

Still following the same direction, you will soon have a choice. Go right wing and over before under and down, down, down – are you still walking like a turkey? – At the next choice, stay right going under and over till your way is blocked by many. From here you will see, at 1 o’clock the “Turkey Tummy” house. Climb over the pile and then walking ever so softly, do not go to the front door, but check the back for the “Turkey Tummy”.

Continue down the path, at a choice of 3, choose left to very soon join the main trail. Now go right till you are back to the first wish bone, the garbage eater and the sign.

Bonus Box:
From here – pace back 20 to a small path on your left. Follow it to the split and in the split you will find the “Turkey Parts Bonus Box”

Back the way you just came and back onto the main trail, pass the split rails and right into the meadow. Enjoy the walk as you meander towards the exit – good thing it does not say “No Turkeys” !!!! Leave the meadow to reach the old home stead.