Old Mill  LbNA # 11629 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 2 2004
LocationMount Berry, GA
Planted Bybzmom    
Found By Groovychick
Last Found Sep 23 2006
Hike Distance?

MISSING!! This box has been confirmed missing. It actually fell victim to a controlled burn in the area.

Pretty easy

(Note: The gate to the road leading here closes at 6pm)

Just a little information: Constructed in 1930, the Old Mill boasts an iron hub which had originally been of service at Hermitage, an early manufacturing community near the Shannon village between Rome and Calhoun, Georgia, and was a gift to Berry from The Republic Mining (bauxite) and Manufacturing Company. The wooden overshot waterwheel, considered one of the largest in the world at 42 feet in diameter, was constructed by student workers. Water is piped directly from Berry's reservoir lake to the wheel. Once primed, the force of gravity is strong enough to push the water up the stone column, and over the wheel, causing it to turn. Henry Ford had the hub moved to Berry where the wheel was rebuilt. During 1977 the wheel was completely rebuilt as a cooperative project involving Berry students, staff, alumni, and friends, and was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Gordon Keown on June 3, 1978. During 1985, physical plant staff and student volunteers restored the mechanism and made grinding of corn meal once again possible. The Old Mill is operated on special occasions.

After you check out the mill, pond and historical marker you can look for the box.

The Clues:
Looking at the front of the mill, you will see a trashcan to your left. Just past the trashcan you should see a trail running alongside the creek. Follow this trail keeping the creek to your right. You should pass a sign reading “The Post”, trail I guess. The trail will cross the creek just past a fallen tree. This is an important tree! Cross the creek and venture at 75 degrees to the root end of that fallen tree. If you face the stump hole, with the tree in front of you, you will see a lot of rocks and roots. Buried amongst them on the left side you will find the box.
Please rehide well!