guiding light  LbNA # 11636

Placed DateOct 10 2004
Location???, ME
Planted Bysangfroid    
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 12 2010
Hike Distance?

George killed the dragon
Clyde found a nice spot to put his lobster boat
Marshall Point-ed the way with his light

Find the metal door and stand with your back to it
Walk 75 paces north (as the crow flies)
Turn around and look at the light
On your right should be a Red Nun
Below you should be a Granite Stripe
To your left should be a tree (at least one!)
Under the roots of the tree that leans
You shall find treasure galore (well, a letterbox anyway)

PS Please take time to examine the rocks in this area. This place, being one of the rare spots where you can find igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, has some very interesting geological features. It can also be quite busy in the summer time.

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