Magic Mushroom.. continued  LbNA # 11645 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 16 2004
LocationDamascus, MD
Found By Energizer Bunnie
Last Found Jul 10 2005
Hike Distance?

These boxes have been pulled...we will rehide ASAP!
April 29, 2006

Before collecting these boxes, print the directions to The Magic Mushroom...

The boys stumbled back down the hill, feeling dizzy and lightheaded from their encounter with the mushroom. They turned right and wondered along the path. They wondered if it was the after effects of the mushroom or was the path beginning to get windy, going around trees and rocks. They came to a Y in the path and followed it away from the waters edge over the rocky terrain. From there they counted 60 paces to an old 2 in 1 resting in a 2 in 1. From there Stagger Lee took a reading of 255* and spied a large 2 in 1. The boys, tired and weary ventured up and checked into THE MARS HOTEL.

After a good rest, and when the effects of the shroom had worn off, the boys headed back down the hill and turned left to find THE WAY HOME.

From the 2 in 1 they walked, winding back down the path toward the place where the mushroom rests. As the boys walked, they came to the place where the path leads away from the waters edge. Tennessee Jed looked to his right and saw two trees that share the same root ball resting on their side next to a small rock fire pit. The boys enjoyed the warmth of the fire and then returned to the path. As they proceeded down the path, Casey Jones noticed on either side of the path,large rocks and cut up trees. He wondered if the mushrooms effects could have reached this far. They continued walking and noticed that on the left side of the path was a line of rocks leading off into the woods, could it have been an old rock wall? They past a set of 2 in 1 trees on the right and kept going to the second set of 2 in 1 trees on the right. There were also two large lichen covered rocks across from the first of the 2 in 1s on the left. Casey walked 11 paces further on the path, just before the tree with the blue blaze. He took a reading of 230* and saw a tree with legs like a spider. There the boys found THE WAY HOME!