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Rocky Brook Falls  LbNA # 11652 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 10 2004
LocationPortage, ME
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Rocky Brook Falls

In Back of Beyond...

...that's where this letterbox is. To find it, you'll be venturing into the North Maine Woods. (We wouldn't recommend trying to find this spot when there's a lot of snow on the ground.) You won't need a pickup truck to get there, but you may feel out of place without one.

The path you take will include logging roads owned by a paper company, and there are a few things to know before you start on those roads:

1) Make sure you have a full tank of gas! The roads ramble on and on, and you don't want to be deep in the woods and run out of gas.

2) If a logging truck comes down the road, get out of its way! Move off the road as far as possible and stop.

3) Watch for moose! There are plenty around, and you don't want to hit one. On the trip we made to place this letterbox, we saw three moose.

4) Watch the mile marker signs, which also give you the name of the road. This will help you know where you are and how far you've gone.


Take Rt. 11 North into Portage. Turn left at Dean's Motor Lodge onto West Road. After about a mile or so, turn left onto a woods road, which is unpaved, as all the roads for the rest of this search will be. You'll see a sign for Maine Woods Company at the turn. Go down the woods road about 1/2 mile to a paper mill. Go straight through the mill on the main road. At Mile 4, you'll reach a checkpoint, where you will register and pay a small fee to drive on the roads. You can get a map there, too, although it doesn't have the names of the roads, so it's not as helpful as it could be.

At Mile 6, turn right onto Hewes Brook Road. You'll stay on this road all the way to the path for the letterbox, so watch the mile markers to make sure you don't accidentally get off onto another road. Halfway between Mile 16 and Mile 17 on Hewes Brook Road, you'll find a small footpath that leads to Rocky Brook Falls. There is no marker for this path other than a sign on a tree that says
No All Terrain Vehicles
in both English and French.

The falls are about a 6 to 10 minute walk away, and the letterbox is just a little earlier than the falls.

Go down the path for about 5 minutes, and you'll reach a clearing where there is a rough campsite. Take the path to the left of the clearing. This path will be somewhat narrower than the first one. After a short time, you'll come to a much smaller clearing, and your path leads off to the left again. It will be narrower still, and you'll be walking over roots and under tree branches. You'll be able to hear the falls by now.

After a short walk, you'll come to some roots that are sticking straight up on the left of the path. There is a large fallen tree behind them. Look under the roots to find what you seek. There are some pieces of wood piled up in front of the hiding place. After you've looked at the box, please rehide it carefully.

Be sure to go down the path just a little further (less than 50 steps) to see the beautiful Rocky Brook Falls. The website at will show you a picture of the falls.

When you get back to the road, you can either return the way you came, or you can continue down the road and look for moose.

If you want to go on a little while, here are the directions:

NOTE: Watch the mile markers to make sure you're on the right road! If you get onto a road that has grass in the middle, turn around and go back. All roads described here are wide, gravel roads.

Hewes Brook Road continues to Mile 31, where it ends at St. Francis Road. Turn left onto St. Francis Road, and you'll be roughly at Mile 6. Continue on down St. Francis Road just past Mile 21, where the road ends at a stop sign. Turn left onto Rocky Brook Road. (Some older maps have this road marked as Fish Lake Road.) You'll be around Mile 29, heading back towards the Fish River checkpoint. Make sure you stop and check out before you leave.

We hope you enjoy the trip! This is truly some of the most beautiful country in the world.

Have fun,

Lanimilbus and Robinsong