Frog Pond  LbNA # 11669

Placed DateOct 17 2004
LocationMoss Rock Nature Preserve, Hoover, AL
Found ByThe Cracked Belle (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 23 2012


*** 4/27/15 This letterbox has recently been adopted and is currently being restored to good condition. The log it was previously hidden under has rotted away. It will be re-hidden soon in a nearby location and the clues will be updated accordingly. ***

Difficulty: 2 options - one is a 3 mile roundtrip hike, the other is a quick drive-by.

Note: Bring your own ink (green is best) and pen/pencil

Frog Pond is located at the Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. For driving directions, refer to the clues for "Old Hat".

There are 2 ways to get to this letterbox: you can either (1) find "Old Hat" and continue on the trail to Frog Pond or (2) you can drive 0.65 miles from the main trailhead to the next trail entrance, hop out of your car, and be back to your car in less than two minutes. Option 1 will offer you a beautiful hike through an urban nature preserve whereas option 2 will offer you a very quick find.

Both options lead you to a clearing with a lot of gravel on the ground. Using Option 1, this clearing is blocked from traffic by a large log and a few boulders. On the left side of the clearing is Frog Pond. Instead of a pond, it is more of a muddy slough with alot of loud bullfrogs. The entrance to Frog Pond is marked by a sign nailed approximately 7 feet high in a skinny tree. Standing at this sign notice the fallen tree sitting directly in front of your feet. Follow this tree to the left and you will spot a cluster of trees about 4 feet away from you. The Frog Pond box is hidden underneath this fallen tree between the cluster and the pine directly behind it.

Of course, use extra precaution when reaching in and rehiding.