Putting It All Together Series  LbNA # 11678

Placed DateOct 17 2004
CountyNew Haven
LocationBeacon Falls, CT
Planted ByTiger & BuzzBee    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Mar 31 2016
Hike Distance?

Location: Naugatuck State Forest – Coming from the east (Cheshire) on Route 42, pass the intersection with Route 63 and continue on Route 42. about a half mile west of Horseshoe Hill Road there is a parking area on your right. Coming from the west (Beacon Falls), the parking area is on your left about 0.2 miles beyond Bethany Veterans Memorial Park. Be EXTREMELY cautious of a very sharp drop off between the road shoulder and parking area. (Borrowed from Alafair)

Difficulty: Moderate due to rocky trails with some steady climbs. The hike is about 2 miles round trip.

This series contains a total of five stamps that will be stamped on top of each other to give one image in multiple colors. This is known as block stamping. It is important to do this series in order so that you can stamp the lighter colors first. Ink of the appropriate color for the stamp has been provided in each box. If it has run dry try to use a color as close to the one provided as possible until we get a chance to replace it. Please be careful to rehide these boxes well because it will be hard to recarve them and get all of the images to line up again.

Box 1: Rainbow

Follow the blue blazed trail into the Naugatuck State Forest. This is actually a fire road. After a ways, you will come to an intersection marked by a blue double blazed tree with a yellow strip around it. From this double blazed tree look up the trail to the northeast and spot a large quartz rock just off the trail. The first box is hidden 5 steps north of this rock under the corner of another large rock.

Box 2: Sunshine

Continue on the blue blazed trail a very short distance where it will turn right just before a small creek. This path is still the blue blazed trail but much narrower than what you hiked so far. As you enter this trail there will be a large boulder to the left and then you will notice a blue blazed tree up ahead. Now that you know you are on the right path, follow the blue blazes uphill. Eventually the trail will level off. As you continue along the trail you will pass under one fallen tree and then another two fallen together. Just after this you will notice a four sister birch tree on the left. It is distinguished by the one sister that is trying to hitch for a ride from the passing hikers. From this tree continue on the blue blazed 20 steps further to a large boulder on the left. The box is on the back side to the right of the white birch tree. Take care replacing this box so that you don’t push it too far under the boulder for the next boxer to find.

Box 3: Meadow

Continue following the blue blazed trail. After a short distance you will come to a three way intersection with the white blazed trail to the Cap. Follow this white blazed trail as it climbs uphill and then back downhill. As you start to go uphill again, notice the large boulder that you hike along on your left. At the top of this boulder there is a rock leaning against a grey birch. The box is behind this rock. Again be careful when placing this box in the hole so that it doesn’t slide too far down.

Box 4: Sky

Continue along the white blazes until you get to the summit and enjoy the views of the Naugatuck Valley. This is a great spot to enjoy the colors of Fall. Once you are rested up head back on the white trail the way you came. After a distance the trail will turn to the left as you walk with rock beneath your feet and a boulder on your left with a white blaze. 13 steps from here you will notice a small unmarked trail to the left (If you return to Box #3 you have gone too far). Follow the unmarked trail for 37 steps to a large boulder directly in front of you. To the left at 50 degrees there is a large scaly boulder. From this boulder look 100 degrees to a group of large rocks 15 steps away. The box is hidden in the split of the rock in the middle on the east side.

Box 5: Shadow

Return to the white blazed trail and follow it back to the intersection with the blue. At the intersection turn right (not the way you came). You will follow the trail next to the large boulder you just climbed down and then it will take a very short climb, a short descent, and then another short climb up. As the trail just starts to go up you will notice a twin sister white birch on the left (the first one you should see since restarting on the blue trail). From this tree spot a rock on the ground 9 steps away at 300 degrees. The box is under the corner of this rock near the small bush.

Turn back on the blue blazed trail to return on the trail where you started or continue to explore the Naugatuck State Forest along the blue blazed trail in the direction you were heading.

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