The Greatest Show on Earth Circus Series #1  LbNA # 11692

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateOct 17 2004
LocationDelavan, WI
Found By CignaCats
Last Found Oct 25 2015
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Last EditedOct 25 2015

Greatest Show on Earth Circus Series #1

1) Circus Tent (retired)
2) Ringmaster Bigtop Dave
3) Snoozy the Clown
4) Belle Cheveux
5) T.T. Hilt
6) Flex Stahl-Eisen

UPDATE 3-21-15: While the troupe is still searching for a new circus tent, many of the troupe's missing members -- Bigtop Dave, Snoozy the Clown, T.T. Hilt, Belle Cheveux and a few new friends-- have reunited to join the Greatest Show on Earth! Have fun!

Rod St. Helline, circus promoter extraordinaire knew his circus would attract people to his town. But in order to do that he needed a circus. He knew he could find a few circus performers in St. Andrew’s, but they’d be of little use to him now. So instead he set out to find a new troupe. As he walked, he thought of who he would ask to help him with his circus. He would need a ring master, a few performers, a couple of clowns and, of course, the perfect ring master. Who would that be? There was “Circus” Cyrus Cooper, “Three-Ring” Thad Bailey, “Lion-tamer” Turkleton… However, rumor had it that the greatest ringmaster had returned to town, his good friend B.D. – Bigtop Dave! Yes! He would be the perfect ring master. He would find him at his home on the trail named after a person who shared his initials. Bigtop Dave had just moved to his new home and Rod couldn’t remember his address. At the sign that says “Enter Here”, Rod thought. “Was it 175-45 or was it 45-175? I know he lives by a tree that’s fallen arm was perpendicular to the main trail”, he thought. So he headed down the trail to find Bigtop Dave.

After a bit of searching he was able to find Bigtop Dave. They reminisced about the good ol’ days and Rod told Dave how he wanted to bring the circus back to the town. Dave thought it was a great idea and agreed to be the ring master. “But,” he said, “we’ll need some clowns.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Rod replied.

The two continued down the trail. A little ways down the trail and to their right was a huge willow – it was so big it was almost freakish! 172 paces further, there was another giant willow on the right side of the trail – this one, however, was a little bit further off the trail. They continued on their way at 40 degrees – just 24 paces away was a smaller path into the woods. They ducked below the net of branches and walked through a corridor of trees in a north-east direction. It was growing dark and becoming very difficult to see anything. “Be careful that you don’t –“, Rod began. Thump! Crash! Before Rod could warn Bigtop to watch his step, he tripped and fell over what he thought was a log. After brushing himself off and letting his eyes adjust, closer examination showed that it was Snoozy the Clown, who had been asleep on the ground. Snoozy only spoke in rhyme.

“Here I am trying to sleep,
here in the woods not making a peep.
Then you two come and ruin my snooze,
explain yourselves now, what’s your excuse?
I have worked all day with horns and balloons
then had to fight for this log with two raccoons.
It’s very hard work being a clown,
creating those smiles where once was a frown.
Tell me now what is your quest
Important enough to disturb my rest?”

“Well, I think we have our head clown,” Rod said…

With that, Rod and Dave decided to split up to find the rest of the circus troupe. “Bigtop, you know where the Sword Swallower lives so why don’t you find him and ask if he will help us.”

“Sure thing,” said Bigtop. “And you can find, Belle Cheveux – she can be our star performer! I know she’d be happy to help!

At this, Snoozy woke up. “I know where Belle Cheveux resides. It’s near the big hill that acts as a slide. From the hill, to the bottom you'll go, the address is 3-5-0. Count your paces to 25, and then a large concrete slab you'll spy. Standing atop, face toward the incline. Jutting from the earth another slab you'll find. Underneath, behind a brick, your leading lady with hair divine.

Rod, looked forward to seeing Belle. It had been a few years since he had seen his "leading lady". It would be easy to convince her to join the show. However, he may have a harder time rekindling her feelings for him.

T. T. Hilt was the greatest sword swallower in the world. Bigtop knew he would love the opportunity to perform in the circus again. He had been living near the creek, making money performing at birthday parties and company picnics. Bigtop made his way to Upper Springs and followed the trail north. Soon an open field came into view on his left. There was a path south of the field but he continued north. T.T. Hilt could often be found practicing his skills on the bench up ahead. Today he was not. “Odd.”, said Bigtop. “He’s normally so dedicated to performing here.“ Suddenly, from above in the trees, Ed Overeels of the Overeels Trapeze Family flipped from a branch and landed right behind Bigtop. Startled by his entrance, Bigtop asked Ed if he knew the whereabouts of T.T. Hilt. “Sore throat for the last few days…he’s at home.” After thanking Ed Overeels for the information, he walked approximately 75 paces from bench back the way he came until he spotted the multi-trunk tree T.T. called home. He knocked, then searched under the bark in the center. T.T. was there and although he was feeling a little under the weather, he was very excited that Rod and Bigtop Dave were starting the circus again.

"You know..." T.T. said in a hoarse voice. "I think there is someone else would be a," he paused and coughed before continuing, "strong addition to our show." Bigtop knew exactly who he meant. "Flex Stahl-Eisen!" Bigtop exclaimed enthusiastically. "He's still in the business? Do you know where he is?"

T.T., not wanting to talk anymore, pointed south and motioned for Bigtop to follow him. They crossed over the water twice, then at the T made a right. When they came to a small path on the left, they followed it, climbing the hill. A little more than halfway up the hill, T.T. stopped at what used to be a three-trunk tree. In the center was Flex Stahl-Eisen, doing his reps. T.T. and Bigtop smiled. It really was going to be “The Greatest Show on Earth!”