coffee pot bayou  LbNA # 11709

Placed DateOct 19 2004
Locationst. petersburg, FL
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Jan 30 2016
Hike Distance?

New letterbox, well I admit I planted it last April but just got the clues straight.--sorry, but all you snowbirds, here is an easy one
A new letterbox in St Petersburg Florida
Find the pretty Coffee Pot Park at 1st St and 31st Ave. N.E. in St. Petersburg . You can launch a boat here and travel down Coffee Pot Bayou if you wish. But to find the Coffee Pot Bayou Letterbox, walk from the park along the Bayou on Coffee Pot Blvd . Keeping the Bayou on your left, take the second right onto 28th Ave . NE . Turn another right as you reach the private alley way. Please honor the people who live here and only walk down the alley way now going in a northerly direction. When you reach the telephone pole with two sets of numbers : the official all in one piece aluminum sheet with 163105 embossed on it and a set of individual numbers [indicating the house it is next to ] Those numbers are 2810 - you are there. Face west and at the alley way edge look into the small garden and find a flower pot upside down. The Coffee Pot Bayou Letterbox is under. Tap it first, critters love upside down pots.! Enjoy. Please re hide well and if the folks are home, say HI. They are my brother and sister in law !
Now continue north along the alleyway and you will be back at the Park
Butterfly in Ct.