Mystical Creatures Series  LbNA # 11734

Placed DateAug 15 2004
LocationBattle Ground, WA
Found By Happy SAHD
Last Found Jun 13 2009
Hike Distance?

This series was hidden at Battleground Lake for the Passport to Letterboxing Stamp Camp during the summer of 2004. The stamps are each carved using a different style of carving. They are some of my older stamps, but still fun!

1. Gryphon
Find the trail between sites 17 and 19. Walk a short ways, (short is relative here) until you come to a dirt trail on your left. Take another left almost immediately. Go down the trail until you get to a fairly large intersection. Take a right and head up a short ways. Now go left. The trail should be heading uphill. Look off to your left as you climb the hill. When you see a group of rocks, you’re there. On the back side of the medium sized rock, you’ll find the Gryphon sleeping at the base. Please be careful when going down to the rocks and when rehiding the box.

2. Pegasus
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3. Centaur
Find Marshall Lookout. As you face the bench, go right. Next intersection, take another right. Now, take the first left. The storms of 2003/2004 left lots of logs lying over the trail. When I placed this box I traveled as far as I could over and under the fallen logs. Before the event the logs were cut. So, the landmarks for this box are difficult. Watch the right side of the path for a large pile of cut logs. The box is under the logs as close to the ground as possible.

4. Dragon
Head east along the main trail after finding the Centaur. When you come to campsite 50, go south. Down the hill about halfway you’ll see an old log on the east side of the trail. Tucked up where the log meets the ground is the dragon’s nest.

I hope you enjoyed the boxes. Please let me know if you found them all and if you enjoyed them!