North of Ordinary  LbNA # 11743

OwnerThe Aroostook Sleuth    
Placed DateSep 15 2004
LocationPresque Isle, ME
Found By thebartley5
Last Found May 14 2015
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North of Ordinary Letterbox
(where the Sun is located)
#1 in the Solar System series

"North of Ordinary" is the slogan for the University of Maine,PI and is where this letterbox is located.

Find the parking lot on campus at the top of the hill marked, "Visitors and Student Parking." Park and walk to the entrance of the lot. Turn left onto the Healthy Maine Walks trail. (Note: if there is snow on the ground the Healthy Maine Walks may not be visible on the sidewalk.) Follow the path around and head west on the trail. Walk past the Physical Facilities office building on your right.
Take the East Entrance of the West Campus Woods Nature Walk. Very shortly upon entering the woods you will find the sign post marked #2. Stand facing this post and walk 3 paces east to a tree. On the northeast side of the tree is the box under two rocks. Stamp up and log in and rehide carefully in the same location. Depending upon the season you may need to cover the rocks with leaves, sticks or snow to make it look natural. If there is snow when finding this box please make other paths with your boots in other directions as to not draw attention to only the location of the box.

You may continue along the path for a short hike or find Folsom Hall (where the Sun is located) and also learn about the solar system project. Sometimes you can find maps there of the West Campus Woods that will tell you what the numbered signposts indicate.

Look for these other boxes placed in this Solar System Series with more to come:

"Mercury"; "Venus", "Earth", "The Moon"; "Mars"; "Jupiter."

Happy Aroostook County boxing!