Paige's Tales 7  LbNA # 11750 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 16 2004
LocationAshford, CT
Found By burning feet
Last Found Mar 22 2010
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Paigeís Tales 7

If youíve been following along, which not many people have, there are certain places that have been passed by as you follow the tales of the Pixies. All casual readers should know that I deliberately set out to create a letterbox series which was hard to follow and fun to do. Hard is easy. All I had to do was eliminate most directional and distance references. Fun is hard. Iíve tried to create an ongoing tale, a little cosmos, if you will, of a time far distant from now. Whether this time is before or later, well, one never knows. Dan gets it. The Kneedeeps might, Iím not sure. John, no way. Chuck and Molly (Peter and Paige?), depending on which alter ego is in force at the time. Anyway, on to what wasnít there before.

When the Pixies abandoned The Fort, due to the threat of an unnatural winter, they had an epic journey before they finally arrived at Pixie Falls. On the way, at one point they were overcome by the wind, blowing from the North and East. DíKnor had named a trustworthy elder, DíKnin, as leader of the Tribe in his absence. When this wind came upon The Pixies, DíKnin, fearing sorcery from the Coyote People, called for all the women folk to take shelter, while the men folk set up a defensive perimeter. The place that the females of the clan used for shelter was a large boulder, to the left of the trail, which, because of this action, is today known as ĎLadies Room Rock.í There is a message box, that was left there by a young Pixie maiden, to mark the spot where they waited out the wind storm.

For all of the seasons that the Pixies spent living at The Fort, they always maintained a place they called the Outpost. The purpose of the Outpost was to give them an early warning should the Dragon (from Dragon Meadow) awake, or the Trolls, or any other threat come from the direction of the Droftsew-Droftsae. As you climb the ridge towards The Fort, just before the top, you will come upon the Outpost. The last occupant, before The Pixies fled the gathering Winter, left a message box, in the event that The Hunters came through.

When the Hunters Began their journey, after spending the first night in the Vale, as they approached Sentinel Rock, DíKnor left a message box at the edge of the Pixies realm, at a place called The Wall. Just North of East, away from the trail, is where youíd find it.

Now, when DíKnea set out in the Spring, his first big obstacle was a brook, (small to you and me), but quite a task for one young Pixie, working alone. After spending the better part of the day getting over the stream, he began to look for a place to spend the night. As Dusk began to descend, while standing under a huge Forest Giant, which bore one of the blue Elven runes, DíKnea heard, off to his left, Pooples (peeper frogs) beginning to stir. Moving toward them, he came upon a rock face, where he quickly found a place to sleep. On the morrow, following DíKnorís instructions, he left the first of the many Message Boxes he would set in the course of his travels, here, at what would later become known as Frog Tarn.

As DíKnea neared the border of the Hunting Grounds, just before he encountered the golden stairway, right where the hill began its turn downwards, while looking around for a place to anchor a rope, if need be, he espied a tree that curiously reminded him of his mother.
While most Pixies are naturally slim and wiry, DíKneaís mother was of more generous proportions, especially in the posterior parts of her anatomy. As this was where DíKnea would be stepping off into the truly unknown, he left another message box here, behind the ĎBig Butted Womaní.

Finally, after crossing the Great Troll Way, and climbing to the top of the first ridge, DíKnea began to look around for a place to rest. Finding nothing suitable in the immediate area, he continued his trek, following the Elvish runes. As he crested the first of the many climbs he would encounter, but, before the first of the Dragon ridges, he came upon a small wood pond. With shafts of sunlight filtering through the over spreading foliage, through which Dragon Flies were flitting, DíKnea found himself entranced. Moving around to some small ledges on the back side, DíKnea left the third of his Message Boxes, here in this place, which would become known as Elven Tarn.

So there you have it. Some of the other places of note that you have passed by if you have been following Paigeís Tales. This pretty much wraps it all up. No, wait, I almost forgot (ha, ha), we havenít heard what happened to the LíNouti and the LíNouwi. Oh well, that will have to be the subject of another Tale.

Peter and Paige