Wild Horse  LbNA # 11766 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 24 2004
LocationPowder Springs, GA
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Nov 25 2004
Hike Distance?

Find the point that Silver Comet Trail connects to Wild Horse Creek Trail (8.6 mile marker for Silver Comet). From this point the trail is approximately 1.5 miles one way. Along the path of the Wild Horse Trail is the largest red maple tree in Georgia (known as a “State Champion Tree”) and a wetlands observation tower.

Once you have parked, looking East on Silver Comet Trail the beginning of the trail is to your right. Follow concrete path under old RR trestle, now part of Silver Comet trail. Continue until you have found the 2-story observation tower. Enjoy the wetlands ecosystem from this location.
At the base of the tower stand at the City of Powder Springs wetlands and ecosystem sign and take approximately 23 single paces at 115 degrees. Located about an arm’s length in the woods is a large log, about 1.5’ in diameter and about 2’ long. The Wild Horse is hiding behind that log