Backwoods Canada  LbNA # 11770

OwnerCanada Goose    
Placed DateOct 24 2004
Location?, ID
Found By North Idaho Girls
Last Found Jun 7 2007
Hike Distance?

City clue:
There is a city in Idaho that's mirrors the international call letters for Canada. Find that city.

Once in the city, find a body of water big as can be with a marina and hotel near by. Park in the left lot next to both and note the park surrounding you. The rocky hill side near the maps is the beginning of your trip.

This may not be a winter box due to the hill. The clues are more difficult and require strong observation and imagination.

To the letterbox:

Head up the hill on the left keeping the lake on the right and do not lose sight.

When it’s up or down stay right do not take flight.

May the shoreline beckon you lower but do go slower as it can be steep.

As low as you can go you will see logs a bob and a link to prevent a rob.

From the tip of the link find 130 degrees run like a dog beyond two trees to a fallen log.

With your bum against the log 3 steps in, on your right hidden within the boulders tight.