Bell Rock (MIA)  LbNA # 11797 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 10 2004
LocationSedona, AZ
Planted ByToucan    
Found By Kristal & Ron
Last Found Nov 30 2004
Hike Distance?


I will replace it sometime in the future and update this post at that time.

Find the Northern trail head to Bell Rock. This trail head is a dirt pull out (North of the big paved lot called Bell Rock Path) on highway 179. From the parking lot head into the park staying along the western fence and roadway. Shortly you'll come to an information kiosk, map, and registration stand. On the map, locate your position and that of Courthouse Rock. Next stand in front of the registration stand and locate the tree that falls in line with Courthouse Rock. Next go to the wash at the foot of that tree (only about 21 steps away). Climb down into the wash and go behind the tree and look at the south side of its base. Under the rock pile is a hollow where the letterbox is hiding. Keep watch for people coming from the info kiosk and down from down Bell rock. If there are a lot of people disguise your activity with something like a camera - that worked well for me while placing it.