Ho-Hum  LbNA # 11810 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 25 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Frye Team
Last Found Jul 18 2005
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 19 FEB 2005.

This microbox is located at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, in the Hogg Bird Sanctuary Park. Go south on Westcott from Memorial Drive to get to the parking area. The gates are open 8-5, and the Collection and Gardens are closed on Mondays. There is a fee to tour the gardens ($3 at the time of placing the box), but you can retrieve this box without paying any fee. Be sure to walk across the bridge while you're visiting!

When you are ready to find the box:

Ho-Hum, Ho-Hum,
This won't take much effort, but it will take some.
Car, car, park the car.
Relax and enjoy -- the box isn't far.
Walk toward a bridge named after a Hogg.
Walk, take it easy -- don't even jog!
Don't go on the bridge...instead go around and under the left side.
On a shelf is where this box has decided to hide.
The box is about five feet off the ground,
Just take your time, it's easily found.

Please be discreet and replace the box as you found it. I would appreciate an email to let me know the status of this box.