Pagoda/Conservatory  LbNA # 11812 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 25 2004
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found Apr 23 2009
Hike Distance?

All park hours are dawn to dusk, unless otherwise noted.

Indy Parks currently maintains and operates 169 park properties in Indianapolis and Marion County. For more information check out this link

Indy Parks has six regional parks. You will find what you seek at the oldest park (established 1889). It is the one that houses a tropical conservatory and features beautifully maintained sunken gardens.

Box #1 Pagoda in the Park (Reported missing)

Enter through the East gate off of Shelby St (Conservatory Dr.) Park by the statue of Lawton. Starting near the entrance of the conservatory, find the sidewalk that leads you along the north side of the sunken gardens. You will continue this path to you come to a road with a stop sign. Veer to the left and cross the bridge with the limestone railing. Now immediately head west on a road and in front of you should be a shelter to one side and a brick building ahead. At your first opportunity turn right and follow the road along the edge of the parking lot and along the creek to your right. When you come to the split rail fence, enter the gate and follow the cement path. Take the 1st left for 5 paces ( a pace = 2 steps). Stop and take a reading of approximately 240 degrees and look for several cement steps. Count them (and remember the number) as you climb them. Continue on a heading of 210 degrees for 42 paces on line with a large oak tree. Take another 42 paces to the second large oak tree on a heading of 230 degrees. From here you will see the pagoda. Make your way to it. Climb up the spiral stairway if you wish and see the sights. Then exit through the south side and follow the sidewalk past the children’s play area until you come to a parking lot. Locate the shelter across the road at 240 degrees. Cross the street carefully and go to it. From its NW corner on a heading of 300 degrees, take (5 times the number of steps you climbed) paces to the edge of the park. Just west of the northern most pine near you are several small deciduous trees (or large multi branched bushes). Behind one of these you will find what you seek. Please re-hide carefully and watch for muggles. There is a table nearby for stamping.

Box #2 The Conservatory (ALIVE AND WELL AS OF 2/26/05)

Return across the street to the intersection of the sidewalk leading away from the pagoda and the parking lot. This time head southeast on the sidewalk. After passing 2 lampposts on your left, the path will wind its way east. 3 more lampposts and you should see the welcome sign for the MacAllister Center…keep heading east. At the next opportunity turn left until you come to a triangular intersection of sidewalks. Locate the 30 ft pine on a heading of 30 degrees. From the farside of the pine, on the same heading spy the 15 ft dead tree. In the fork of the trunk in a container hidden by camo tape is the second stamp. Again, be wary of others and re-hide carefully. Return to the sidewalk and head north. You will cross back over the limestone bridge and turn right to return to the conservatory.

Congratulations to Big Feet and Fever Fan...First Finders!
Also, a word of caution, occasionally there are unsavory sorts in public places such as this, perhaps you'd like to take a friend.