Unicorn with Love  LbNA # 11819 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 26 2004
CountyNew London
LocationLedyard, CT
Planted ByNina    
Found By Maire's Facets
Last Found Oct 12 2009
Hike Distance?

Unicorn with Love Letter Boxes (2)

I95 exit 88 to Rte 117 North, pass through Ledyard Center, continue a few more miles just before junction 2A is Preston Park. Park in the parking lot, walk 1/2 way around the track just past the flag pole up the hill is a blue blazed trail. Only need to follow the trail about 10 minutes. You will see many white pine trees on the left. On the right will a pile of about a dozen rocks, the rock on the left is slightly smaller than a bean bag. Walk around to the back on the little bean bag rock, Move a striped rock to reveal a crevice that houses a little unicorn. The book doesn't fit in current box, but it all fits in the big ziplock bag.

Continue up the blue blazed trail for the next box. The trail jogs across the street, follow the arrows on the ground, continue another 10-15 minutes, pass an abandoned cinderblock barn, to the LEFT you will see two different types of trees approx 10 feet apart, each tree has 6 main trunks, 3 large and 3 small. If you stand between the trees, turn 240 degrees, facing the path, you will see an alligator shaped rock. Behind the rock is a stone wall, step over the wall, and find Love letterbox hiding beneath an overhanging rock. You will have a hard time to find it if you just peek over the wall.