Pine Creek Series #4  LbNA # 11842

Placed DateOct 24 2004
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 9 2007
Hike Distance?

The first three stamps are best found by bike.
For this fourth stamp you'll have to take a hike.
Your journey begins near the poisonous reptile rock.
Noodle through this cheap prose and you'll be a lock.
The animal you seek, a waterfowl by name,
makes its home in "woody" terrain.
To make some headway in closing this deal, face west
and hop on the trail named like the edge of a wheel.
After crossing the road and getting on the trail,
a short walk through a field and a woodsy scent you'll inhale.
A beautiful stream on your left you will get to know,
following orange blazes, as up the hill you will go.
You'll come to a box, register if you like.
Note date and weather of your enjoyable hike.
Continue uphill 'til quite close to the stream.
Ponder the beauty and what it all means.
It's just a creek you guys, not a maze.
What you seek now is the double orange blaze.
Two marks on a tree which identify the site
Where the trail takes a sharp turn to the right.
From this tree with two orange blazes,
aim 62 degrees and go three dozen paces.
Seek the large stone in the center of the path.
Next you'll do some elementary math.
Add 2 degrees to the first direction,
20 more paces and you'll make your connection.
It's hidden under the funky tree that grew left and then up.
It holds the stamp of the Carolina Wood Duck.
While the duck actually nests inside the tree,
this box rests beneath a stone under the overhanging tree.

Congratulations on finding the box!

We welcome updates on your journey and the condition of the box.