Pine Creek Series #5  LbNA # 11843

Placed DateOct 24 2004
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 9 2007
Hike Distance?

If you found stamps numbered 1 through 4,
then you encountered challenges galore.
You've seen Pine Creek Valley by bike and by car.
You've even hiked up a hillside, but not very far.
For this one we'll cut you a break
if for no other reason than sanity's sake.
This stamp you'll find hand carved like the rest,
and it shows a way to see the valley, possibly the best.
From the parking lot of Rattlesnake Rock,
cross the bike trail and head to the creek, -relax, it's not even a city block.
After less than a minute's hike,
you'll be out on the rock taking in the sight.
As you turn to head back to the car,
look for the first large pine on your left, it's not very far.
Just 2 feet due south of the trunk you'll see a small flat stone.
As you stamp in just make sure that you're alone.


Look for Pine Creek Series #6 to be placed and listed in the late summer of 2005.

We encourage you to contact us in regard to your journey and the condition of the box.

Thank you.