Lion's Tooth  LbNA # 11880 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 29 2004
LocationBoise, ID
Planted ByGrifos    
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Apr 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Lion’s Tooth Letterbox

Difficulty: An easy, fairly flat walk once you determine the location from the clues. However, I think the box is hidden well, so don’t count on stumbling over it! Wheelchair and stroller accessible.


1. Find the common name of a weed whose name means “Lion’s Tooth” in another language.

2. Look up the business named after this weed in the Meridian/Boise business pages, then write down the address and phone number. Address:_________________________ Ph:_______________

3. Find a street in Boise named after the Algonquin Indian word for “life force.” This word is also part of their name for the Great Spirit, the Supreme Being, or the “Uncreated One.”

4. Your destination is on the street named in clue #3, 176 further than the address in clue #2. Make sure to note this address on a map, as the street signs in the area are sometimes placed oddly, and the address of the location may not be visible. You’ll know you’re in the right neighborhood when you begin seeing rusty monoliths marking "The Old Trail" through Boise. Address:________________________

5. Once you arrive, go stand on the highest natural point in the area.

6. Head through the slalom course you should now be able to spy.

7. Once you’re done swishing through, look for the two rusty posts guarding a waterway, and head there.

8. Imagine what it must have been like way back when, riding in a wagon toward the state named at the base of one of the posts. During the summer, it must have been dusty and HOT. Say, 228°? You’d probably want to step off the wagon and head toward the nearest tree in that line of sight to find some shade. Now, this tree is flanked by three trees on the left and one on the right, but they are all a bit further on, and you want to find shade as quickly as you can.

9. You’re not far now - in fact, this tree was directly obscuring the hiding spot from your vantage in the wagon. Subtract three from the last two digits of the phone number in clue #2, and you’ll have your pace from this tree to the Lion’s Tooth Letterbox. It’s nestled peacefully in a nice soft den behind some obscuring twigs. Always check the spot for other temporary lodgers as this lion doesn’t mind sharing his spacious living quarters.

Please try to be careful not to leave a path for the next letterboxer (or muggle) to follow. Neighbors or visitors may be watching - I had to act like I was just taking a walk for a half an hour *in the rain* before I could hide the box alone. I hope you have fun with this! This is my first plant - placed in honor of my son at a spot we visit often. Please update me on the box’s condition at:

Once you're finished here, you're ready to find the Pressed Fairy Letterbox nearby. Be sure to check it out!