Moonlite stroll  LbNA # 11892 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 30 2004
LocationCanton Kansas, KS
Found By saso_362
Last Found Nov 1 2004
Hike Distance?

Start your search @ trail head of The MCpherson County State Fishing Lake and Maxwell game preserve north of Canton Ks. I must give credit for this night time cache to fellow cacher Baddcompany. It was his idea and the glowig lights you will follow came from his Here Comes The Night Cache in Wichita.
You must have a flash light to do this cache ( it's dark out here).
This is a Letterbox hybrid Cache so anyone can find
To start shine your light @ the sign at the trail head see the glowing light? Now point your light down the trail and go towards the light. Watch for trip hazards along the way! The trail curves around some man made rocks watch out for the edge. (the first step is a doosey) As you follow the lights watch for some bridges over the small streams. G this trail has some sharp turns. Also watch your head for low branches! When looking for the way remember T is for turn!! Your almost there but off the trail now. the cache is guarded by a group of lights that may look like fireflies. look low to find the treasure you seek.
This cache has all the standard stuff log book, trade items. But it is a hybrids cache so there is a stamp in a baggie for the letter boxers. Geochachers please don't take it out of the cache. Letter boxers there will be travel bugs in here from time to time. You will know them by their dog tags they have missions about where they go. If you can't place then in another Geocache soon don't take them please!
My GPS said the trail was .23 miles. I walked out in about 7 minutes in the daylight. Round trip may take a 1/2 hour or so. To get out you may have to walk backwards ( lol) Have fun but please be safe!