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Silver Comet  LbNA # 11896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 27 2004
LocationSmyrna, GA
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Sep 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Take I-285 to exit number 15-South Cobb Drive. South Cobb Drive exit is near mile marker 14 on I-285. South Cobb Drive is Hwy. 280/ Smyrna/ Chattahoochee Tech. Go outside the perimeter away from the large smokestack, onto South Cobb Drive.
Go to the East-West Connector located at mile marker 2 on South Cobb Drive.
Turn left on the East-West Connector and go four red lights to Fontaine Road.
Turn left on Fontaine Road and the parking lot is on the left.
Press the button at both red lights and cross Fontaine Road and the East-West Connector.
The short sidewalk connects to the Silver Comet Trail (mile marker 1.2).

This is approximately a 4+-mile hike. Please be advised that there are steep inclines and when wet could be slippery. Please remember your water and wear hiking shoes!

Once you have reached the trailhead take a left. Cross over the East/West Connector, right before the 2.4-mile marker enter the trail on the left heading into the woods. There are several open areas to enter here, it does not matter which one. Follow the trail to the right and after you pass the MCI fiber optics pole, (Last 3 digits 428) take a left up the hill and proceed right onto trail. Shortly you will come upon a LARGE pine tree growing in the middle of the trail, at this point, you can go forward or take a left heading down the hill, proceed left down the hill, and you will have to crawl over a LARGE fallen tree about ½ ways down. Once you have reached the bottom of the hill, take a right and follow the water from here. Follow this path until the trail ends at a historical site.
Enjoy the historical significance of the area and begin heading back the way you came in. As soon as you are standing on the trail again there is reminisce of a wood and wire fence. Behind that fence under a LARGE piece of bark is a large stone and the Silver Comet box you seek.