Enchanted Land  LbNA # 11897 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 30 2004
Location???, GA
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Please be advised that there are areas that get quite slippery when wet, be careful.

Locate the city that the Cherokee Indians once called "Enchanted Land".
Then locate the street that shares its name with a band consisting of Pentland, Ferguson, Murphy, & Scott.
Established in 1841 and the final resting place of President Theodore Roosevelt’s grandfather and Mr. King who discovered this area is where you will park.

Across the street from this hallowed ground, you will see the trailhead marker. Begin your adventure down the wooden stairs and enjoy the interpretive signs that tell the story of this land. Once you hear the sounds of flowing water, keep your eye out for the wheelhouse that is where you will take a left down the steps.

At the bottom of the steps, you will see the old steel flume from many years past. Follow the flume, left, until it ends and STOP! Look ahead… now who would have thought that this amazing view was sitting out here?
GO CLOSER, there is a lookout to take pictures from, have lunch, or just stare in awe.

Once you are ready, continue right off the overlook, in the direction you were going. Keep your eye out for the tree with many holes on your right, it’s not far! With the tree on your right continue forward 25 single paces. Turn your body left and you will see a very large log in the woods. To the left of the log is what appears to be an old car hood. The enchanted land is under the hood.

I hope you enjoy, would love to hear your stories!