Chickadee  LbNA # 11901 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 31 2004
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found Apr 23 2009
Hike Distance?

These boxes can be found in beautiful Holliday Park. Plan on about 20-30 minutes to find both boxes. Some trail climbing is involved, not recommended for strollers, although pets welcome.

Turn east off of Springmill Rd and 64th street into the park. Take the first right and park in the lot on your right. Read the plaque on the east side of the very large pine tree in the lot. If the star is red, head south, if blue, head east. Follow the fenceline to just past the southwest corner of "the ruins". Find the gravel path heading east, walk on it passing Indianapolis' version of "Venus" on your right and count the number of "men atop columns" on your left. Continue til you come to a "T". Take the paved road north until you come to a sidewalk, take it to the right. Just past the lamppost on your right, veer left. Take a moment to try and change direction of the spinning marble ball (if it isn't too cold). Return back south on the sidewalk and then east and then left to behind the building. Take the trail heading east and slightly to the right. You will see a moderate sized rock marking the trail for #4 at the east end of the gardens. Continue on trail 4 on the gravel trail, you'll know you're on the right track if you see the "golden eagle". Continue down the hill, into the woods. You may take a break on the bench to your left or continue down the stone steps.
Box #2 Chickadee (ALIVE AND WELL AS OF 6/26/05)

Continue down the steps and to the right. Follow the rock with Trail #3 marked. A rather long winding wooden bridge will appear on your left, take it. When it opens up to a dirt/gravel trail, take this trail to the first step, not the bridge to the left. At the junction of the rail at the first step and a stump/dead branch, Chickadee is stashed. If you get to the rocks on the right and the 4 trunked tree, you've gone a bit too far. Again be on the look out for others and try to re-hide securely. Follow the gravel path westerly as it winds its way beautifully back up the hills and will bring you up to a road. Take the road right and then left on the path before the 3 large "preamble" stones. You should now recognize your way to the parking lot. Let me know how the boxes are doing. Congratulations to Big Feet and Fever Fan the First Finders!