Ray's Dilemma  LbNA # 1192

Placed DateNov 2 1998
LocationNew London / Norwich, CT
Found By DevilinDog
Last Found Sep 8 2015
Hike Distance?

Ray's Dilemma
LOCATION: Somewhere in the New London area

POSTED: 11/02/1998, this was the first Mystery letterbox in Connecticut and one of the earliest after the Smithsonian article.

Original Clues (recarved stamp): Directions: Solve the meaning of the words or phrases in quotes in order to make complete sense (hmmm, did I actually say that?) of the clue to the location of this letterbox.

"Colonial Colonel"; "Label Co." "Jam", "Sunset" "Housing".

"Romney" "snuff". "To Alaska" from "one of Alice's problems".

"Like a fighting rat" then 7 paces hop-skip-jump 130 degrees.

Now to "trim & neat" 198 degrees then "OK Corral" rock at 335 degrees. A "span" beyond.

Refreshed in June 2010.