Squirrelly Camper  LbNA # 11921

Placed DateOct 31 2004
LocationJasper, TX
Found By Frye Team
Last Found Nov 10 2013
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 29 MAY 2005.

This box is in Martin Dies Jr. State Park (Walnut Ridge Unit), near Jasper, Texas. The park is located on Highway 190 between Woodville and Jasper, at B. A. Steinhagen Lake.

To find the box: Turn north on Park Road 48 from Highway 190. This will be the Walnut Ridge Unit. Go past the Wildscape/Herb Garden and Nature Center. Continue on the paved road, cross the bridge, and turn right at the Nature Trail. Drive a bit further and park at the end of the road.

Walk across the bridge to the island. There is a long bridge to your right that is a great viewing area for alligators. They used to feed them here, so many still make an appearance if they hear footsteps on the bridge! DO NOT FEED OR HARRASS THE ALLIGATORS!!!

To find the letterbox:

After crossing the first bridge, turn left and follow the trail on your right (don't cross the big bridge). You will pass a bench on your left. When you come to a trail junction, continue forward (do not turn left!). You will pass a second bench on your right as you follow the shoreline. From this bench, walk 35 paces. On your right will be a tree with a six-foot stump directly behind it. The box is at the base of the tree, on the back side, covered with leaves and sticks.

Watch for spiders and snakes and alligators! Please be discreet and replace the box as found. I would appreciate notification when you find this box.