Mississippi River Series--Huckleberry Finn *Repla  LbNA # 11937

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateOct 31 2004
LocationHannibal, MO
Found By kilroy
Last Found Aug 1 2010
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***REPLACED*** 1-1-06
This has been a challenge for many...don't give up.

Leapin' Lizards

Mississippi River Series
Huckleberry Finn

Find the park in Hannibal that is named after Huck. Start at the playground. Walk north along the road to a trail on your left. Take the path as it goes down and winds to the left until it crosses over a wooden footbridge. From the other side of the bridge, take 21 paces at 85 degrees. Check the base of gnarled trees and stumps. This is where you’ll find Huck and his catch. Have fun!

Leapin’ Lizards