Star Box  LbNA # 11941

Placed DateNov 1 2004
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted ByIrishspirit    
Found By TigerPandaCubs
Last Found Aug 26 2014
Hike Distance?

Location: Deep Run Park, Henrico County, Richmond, VA
Difficulty: easy walk in the woods

In the back of the park, where the soccer fields are green,
park your car where the castle playground can be seen.
Follow the path, which is black as night,
to the castle where it splits, left or right.
Take the right fork, there's a sign which reads,
"Bicycle Trails" and follow the path where it leads.
The "Pignut Hickory" sign is your next clue,
look around here - the sky is so blue.
Point your compass heading West, look for a tree,
in the middle of the path it will be.
Go over bridges - count them - there are two,
Quack like a duck, crow like a rooster - Cockadoodle - doooo!
You are on the right path, still heading West,
you're looking for a spooky tree where witches would nest.
Along the way, you will see
to the right, a tree split into three.
When you see this, you will know,
you are very close to our box, which is hidden low.
Just up ahead, to the left there is a tree,
spooky and leaning, with knarly roots, can you see?
At this tree, count off 10 paces
and look to your left, into the spaces.
You will see a broken tree pointing at the sky,
count off 4 paces to your right, and say, "oh my!!"
It brings you to a tree leaning west,
at the base of the tree find our treasure chest!

Please hide the box well, out of the sun,
so others may find it and have just as much fun!!