The AL East Series  LbNA # 11945 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 31 2004
LocationGermantown, MD
Found By Mr Spider
Last Found Sep 22 2007
Hike Distance?

The AL East Series

5 Box series starting at Great Seneca Stream Valley Park on Rt. 355 North in Germantown. Total distance about 2 miles roundtrip – easy flat walking (But may need to walk up short hills from path to retrieve boxes). Dog, ferret and kid friendly.

Box 1 – The Evil Empire
Start by heading East from the parking lot on the Blue trail keeping the creek on your right. After about ½ mile of walking you will come upon a brown sign that says “Trail ->” . (Martin + Gehrig + DiMaggio + Munson + Mattingly + Stengel + Dickey) steps along path from sign up the hill. Fallen tree on the Right. Follow fallen tree to what is in middle of Yankee cap. Go back and continue on trail.

Box 2 – Os
Cross over bridge. Walk to end of (Bobby Floyd) Boarded paths. Look for Oak broken off at (Earl Weaver X Brooks Robinson) feet off the ground a little further down the path. Continue about (Frank Robinson + Jim Palmer) steps from the broken treen. Fallen tree at ((Brooks X Boog) + (McNally X Blair) + (Cuellar + Curt Motton)) degrees quite a ways off the path. Go to giant root ball for box #2. Located creek side of rootball, under tarp & rocks. Go back and continue on trail.

Box 3 – Jays
Y intersection – follow blue trail to the left. Cross creek. Y at Mid Hwy Parking Lot sign – go to the right. (1/2 Juan Guzman) steps. Take a reading of (Sojo X Griffin) degrees. Go (Dave Stewart) steps to fallen tree root ball. Take reading of (Stottlemyre + Guzman + Turner Ward) degrees. (Alomar + Darnell Coles) steps to hollow base of tree. Hollow fallen tree on other side holds box 3. Back to trail and continue.

Box 4 – Tampa
Trail continues to base of hill going easterly. After crossing base of hill you come to a small open area and path heads NE to NNE. From within open area go to 2nd blue marker. Find large Sycamore at (Ordonez X Brandon Backe) + ( Baldelli) degrees. From back of Sycamore go ((Damion Easley X Jason Tyner) + Damion Easley) degrees for (Jeff Liefer) steps up hill to a large tree. From downhill side of tree go (Javier Valentin) degrees to fallen tree. Box 4 under tree a couple feet from root. Back to path and continue.

Box 5 – 2004 World Champions!
A large rock ( Foxx to Cronin feet in length) will appear in the middle of the path. (Derek Lowe + Curt Schilling) steps from middle of rock along the path a (Joe Cronin) way tree will appear on the right. Take a (Pedro X Trot) – (Leskanic) degree reading to a charred tree stump. From back of stump take a (Bobby Doerr + Ted Williams) degree reading and go (1/2 Carl Yastrzemski) steps to the last letterbox. Under fallen tree near stump. Get back on trail and return the way you came.