Wilderness Meetinghouse  LbNA # 11960

Placed DateJan 2 2011
LocationBlountville, TN
Found By GApackrats
Last Found Apr 28 2016
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This letterbox was originally carved and placed by DoubleObs, but I found it badly damaged and with no stamp in September 2010. After trying several times to contact DoubleObs, my daughter and I planted a replacement letterbox on January 2, 2011. Since a geocache is located VERY close to the original location, the letterbox has been moved to the other side of the building.

The original history and clues provided by DeoubleObs on August 24, 2004 are as follows:

"In 1773 Timothy Acuff & his wife left Va. to homestead on the frontier. They settled in what is now Sullivan Co. (then part of N.C.)
"In 1785 Acuff was granted additional land for his service in the Revoltionary War. That same year a Methodist Class was formed. In 1786 the members & Acuff built a chapel on his newly acquired land.
"Acuff chapel was the first meetinghouse west of the Appalachian Mtns. The nearest church was 100 miles to the east & none to the west. Since there was only one other school within 100 miles, it was also used as a school for over 75 years.
"A traveling preacher named Francis Asbury held services there often and stayed with local pioneers.
"Locate the chapel on Hwy. 126

"Face the namesakes (new) tombstone. Look over your left shoulder to a bush. You will see a hidden tombstone within, look between the bush and stone for the box. Please re-hide well.

"For the next in the series go to the (Methodist Pioneer L.B.) to see the cabin Frances Asbury stayed in on his travels here."

Now, instead of following those clues to the now nonexistent letterbox, use these instead:

Get a brochure about the Chapel from the covered box in front. Peek in the windows and imagine it full of people. Then walk around to the left side of the building. You will see a large old tree just inside of the woods. About 25 steps from the old tree and in a straight line from the front of the chapel, you will find an abandoned shed. (Actually, it is an old outhouse, but this is by no means a comment on either religion or Methodism. We are Methodists ourselves, and very proud of our religious heritage. The spot was chosen because it is just a really good hiding spot!) In the back corner of the shed, closest to the street and directly above a bush tucked up under the building's eave, you will find the letterbox.

When you find it, drop us a note and let us know how it is.