The Ark & The Animals**RETIRED**  LbNA # 11968 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2004
LocationKemptown, MD
Planted By
Found By Mommo
Last Found Dec 9 2006
Hike Distance?

RETIRED BOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This series is hidden in Kemptown Park in Kemptown, Maryland. For directions, see the Backyard Birds Series, which is also hidden in this park.

Difficulty:easy, about 1/2 mile or less total.

Enter the park and drive to the top of the hill and make a left for shelters 3 and 4. Go to the end of the lot and park. Check your compass and head due West towards a path that starts right at the edge of the field. It is a little hard to see because there is only a small break in the edge of the field and it is a grass path. Just go west.

I have received a few emails about people being unable to find one of the boxes. I went and found all four boxes on 4-11-06. However, some of the terrain has changed a bit. So after the 1st and 4th boxes, I will add a supplemental hint.

THE ARK (recarved)
Upon starting the path, immediately count about 44 paces and notice a small deer path to the right. Take this path past some tall wooden stakes in the ground, go left or right at the split(they both end up back on the same path) then continue following the path until you come to a little opening where there is a cluster of pine trees and pine needles all over the ground. From that opening take a reading of 290 degrees and take 15 paces in that direction to some sort of fruit tree. From that fruit tree, go 8 paces due South to a pine tree with 2 stakes at its base. Behind the tree and at the base, covered up with pine needles is the Ark.
**supplemental** take 50 steps. stop, look to the right. notice a large pine tree with 2 wooden pegs supporting the base. Look to the pine tree behind that one, nestled in some pine needles at the base.***

LEO THE LION (recarved)
Find your way back to the path and continue in the same direction. Pass a semi-circle in the path off to your right. Keep going straight until you reach a "T" in the path. Take a left and go about 12 paces. Take a reading of 250 degrees and go about 25 paces to a large tree with 4 limbs shooting up, and leaning against a barbed wire fence. Check around back of the tree at the base and find Leo.

From Leo, take a reading of 280 degrees to a large 2in1 tree (roughly 40 paces)away. The tree has a small broken off branch about 9 or 10 feet up. To the left of the tree is an old fence post with barbed wire attached. Look inside the tree where it splits into 2 in the middle and find those Goofy Giraffes. Please rehide carefully, it is easy to spot the tupperware so high up between the branches. Do a good cover-up for me please.

Go back to the trail and continue on in the same direction you were going. Continue walking around a bend and up a hill. You'll pass a trail off to the right, but keep going straight. When the trail begins to level off at the top of that hill, look off to the right for an old tree that has fallen and is laying flat about 6 feet off the ground like a balance beam. Find where that tree has snapped and is leaning against another tree with barbed wire. Look at the base and find Thomas and his Girl!
**supplemental** from the end of the trail, when you get back to the open field, stop, turn around and count 180 steps back in the direction you just came from. At about 180 steps, look to the left for a tree that is down. Look at the base of tree.

Continue on the trail in the same direction, it will take you back to the field and shelters where you started. If you enjoyed finding this series and my backyard bird series, please consider hiding some new boxes of your own!! BOX-ON!!!!!!!!

Yachty Girl