NOT A GOD letterbox  LbNA # 11978 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 31 2004
LocationRocky Hill, CT
Found By Connfederate
Last Found Jun 15 2006
Hike Distance?

These are the revised directions, in case you have tried to find this letterbox before.
This letter box is a moderate challenge to find, and requires about a 1+ mile walk (one way) through the Old Quarry Park in Rocky Hill. The terrain is level to moderately sloping, with meadows and woods and craggy cliffs from mining days.
First, get yourself to the intersection of Old Main Street and Marshall Road in Rocky Hill. Park in the lot you see at this intersection, and walk up the asphalt road that climbs up the hill into the woods. At the top of the hill on your right, there is a metal gate, and blue and white blazes on the trees. Follow this blue-and-white blazed trail through the woods. A short way in, the trail forks. Stay on the blue trail on the right fork. Walk further, and the trail splits again. This time, take the left fork, which leads downhill. You will see a quarry pond on your right.
When you reach the bottom of the hill, keep walking on the trail through the meadow. You will see cliffs on your right, and 'way up on even higher cliffs, a white house that overlooks the quarry. Keep walking, and eventually the path splits again, the right going up, the left going gradually down. Take the left fork. Almost immediately, you will see on your left, NOT A GOD, who assures you that you are on track for your quest.
Soon you will pass an old, rusted something-or-other with RUKUS 1 on it. (If you turn right here and take the practically non-existent path next to RUCKUS 1, you will discover an old abandoned building built into the side of the cliff that once belonged to the quarry - but I digress.)Anyway, going straight past RUCKUS 1, there is a small pond on your right. Just past the pond, hop over the small stream to your right, and immediately look for the yellow trail blazes on two trees to your right. Walk between them and up the hill overlooking the pond.
Once at the top of the hill, follow the path about 100 steps, then look for another yellow blaze on a tree.
When you find the blaze, look left into the woods, and you will see a small rocky knoll with gnarled vines like giant roots. Make your way to this knoll. Tucked in next to a gnarled root, covered by stones, is the prize you seek. Be sure to re-cover it with the stones.
If you are looking for further adventure,come back down the hill, rehop the stream, and go straight ahead into an area of rocky scree. Turn right and come to another old quarry building. Take the path that goes around the front of this building and come to another acheological find that appears to look like an old aqueduct or the ruins of a coliseum. Although this is a fascinating area, it is not especialy pretty, strewn with old junk, both from quarry days and more recent times. Retrace your steps, giving thanks to NOT A GOD as you pass, for watching over your day's adventure.