Fowler Grindtone  LbNA # 1198 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 27 2003
CountyNew London
LocationNorth Stonington, CT
Last Found Apr 24 2009
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Fowler-Grindstone Letterboxes

(North Stonington, Connecticut)

These three letter boxes are hidden in the Fowler-Grindstone Preserve, the largest of several land preserves owned by the North Stonington Citizen's Land Alliance (NSCLA). The NSCLA is a local non-profit land trust organization dedicated to preserving open space and the rural character of North Stonington. From CT route 49 in North Stonington (a few mile north of route 184) turn onto Grindstone Hill Road then right onto Fowler Road. A white and green sign for the preserve will be approximately 0.2 miles on your right. Pull in and park on the left side of the driveway. Scramble up and over the bank near a "NO HUNTING" sign and follow the green tape blazes until you cross a stream. [Please excuse the excess of survey tape markers on trails. The trail network in the preserve is a work in progress]. Bear right and follow orange blazes to an orange trail intersection. Take the left branch at 290°. Continue along orange trail until you cross a wetland (please cross using stones). You will begin climbing a gentle slope as the trail angles toward a large stonewall on your left. The trail will eventually bring you right up to this wall and then break right at 020°. After making the turn, notice the 4-way stone wall intersection on your left. When the orange trail passes through the east pointing leg of this cross, you will see a stone "corner" on your right. Your first find is tucked in this corner. After stamping in, continue along orange trail. See if you notice an old hunter's tree stand just before a slight drop. Not long after this drop the trail breaks right at 110°. When the trail widens into an old logging road, start looking for pink blazes on your left. Follow the pink blazes at 050° down to a brook with a small stone dam in disrepair. Do not walk on the dam: it is not very stable. Here is where your rubber boots (or bare feet in the summer) will come in handy. Carefully wade across the shallow part of the brook just down stream of the dam. (I crossed with sneakers in March and I barely got my pant legs wet). Continue following pink blazes to the north east over rough ground until you come to a large glacial erratic. From the south face of this large boulder, take a bearing of 140°. About 200 feet away you will see a small pile of stones including some that are rectangular in shape. The second treasure is hidden in the south side of this pile. Please be sure to hide it carefully when you leave. From the south side of the boulder follow a bearing of 190° (and the pink blazes) back to the orange trail and bear left. Follow the orange trail until it breaks right off the logging road to the right. Continue straight along the logging road until you reach a stone wall with a large tree at its end on your left. The third and final box is hidden low in this stone wall about 20 paces off of the logging road. Follow the logging road back to where it intersects the orange trail. Bear left at 240° and continue along until you reach another orange trail intersection. (Remember this?) Go left and walk back to the green blazes and your car.

Posted by: John Bean (of Steph and John)

Date placed: 3/24/01