Pressed Fairy  LbNA # 11982 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 4 2004
LocationBoise, ID
Planted ByGrifos    
Found By dragonrider
Last Found Apr 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Pressed Fairy Letterbox

Difficulty: An easy stroll from Lion’s Tooth Letterbox. Wheelchair and stroller friendly until the last 30 feet or so. You will have to climb up a small hill and navigate some rocks.


1. Once you’ve placed Lion’s Tooth letterbox safely away again, begin to stroll generally south. (Perhaps just the *tiniest* titch easterly too.) You should know what I mean if you're in the right area.

2. Keep going all the way past a bunch of primary colors on your left, until you meet a wide pathway. Follow this pathway until it ends at a troll bridge.

3. While facing the troll bridge, look back over your right shoulder to find another rusty post - the one closest to you. Go 11 paces from this post, UP the left trail, until you’re standing on the crest.

4. Continue 7 paces up to the crotch of the Y. The Pressed Fairy is squashed underneath a wall of rocks at 245°, approximately 7 feet away, opposite “05.”

Just above you is an old road and an improvised trail system very popular with joggers, walkers, and dogs, so keep a lookout. Visitors could be looking from just about any direction. I hope this little imp makes you smile...Happy Pressing!