Go to the Fault-MISSING  LbNA # 11985 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 6 2004
CountySan Mateo
LocationMillbrae, CA
Planted ByAnna and the kids    
Found By Black Cavalier
Last Found Sep 3 2005
Hike Distance?

Missing as of 11/26/05--

Take the 280 Freeway to the Millbrae Avenue offramp and find the entrance to the Sawyer Camp Recreation Trail, beginning at the top of Hillcrest Blvd. in Millbrae where it intersects with the 280 onramp. Parking is ample and easy at this location.

The trailhead is just beyond the 280 freeway entrance-- you want to take the trail going south-- start at the 0.0 mile marker. Enjoy the pleasant walk along the paved trail-- here you will see lots of wildlife (besides the other walkers, runners and cyclists!)-- on the day I planted the box a small group of deer were comfortably snacking just off the trail. You will continue past the 0.5 mile marker and the trail passes between San Andreas Lake to the north and a beautiful valley to the south. There is a large boulder with a plaque in front of the lake which marks the exact site of the San Andreas Fault. Continue on the trail beyond the lake and it veers to the left. Keep walking to the 1.0 mile marker; beyond, you will see the trail takes a sharp bend to the left. Just before this bend, there is a partly paved turnout which ends in a chainlink gate labelled with a sign saying, "Trespassing,loitering forbidden by law". You will not be going beyond this sign. While still on the trail as you face this gate, to your immediate left is a set of 3 mossy trees. One of these trees is a letterboxer's dream come true; it has a 3 trunks with a large hole in the center-- this gap in the trunks holds what you seek. Be discreet, re-hide well!!

Easy terrain, kid and family friendly. Great for bikes. Unfortunately no dogs allowed.