Compass Rose  LbNA # 1199 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 27 2003
CountyNew London
LocationNorwich, CT
Found By Wolfy
Last Found Jun 15 2006
Hike Distance?

Compass Rose

Norwich, Connecticut

Difficulty: depends on how good you are at land navigation
terrain: easy
time: when tested this only seemed to take about ten minutes, but of course, we already knew the route, so... anywhere from ten minutes to hours? (see the Difficulty rating)

Norwich, CT
UTM Coordinates (NAD27)
18744591E 4603877N

Starting point:
Chimneys are at 224 degrees
Left-most pole of the backstop is at 66 degrees
From your point of view the left-most gate post is at 152 degrees

360 degrees for 60 feet
62 degrees for 125 feet
288 degrees for 35 feet
180 degrees for 205 feet
212 degrees for 110 feet
302 degrees for 45 feet
357 degrees for 80 feet
274 degrees for 60 feet
226 degrees for 55 feet
251 degrees for 85 feet
257 degrees for 25 feet

look under a flat stone

Stamp Carver: Kancamangusdabull
Author: The Ram