Tumbo  LbNA # 12058 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 26 2004
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVictoria, BRC
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Tumbo Channel, Saturna Island, British Columbia
From Victoria or Tsawwassen, take a southern Gulf Islands ferry to Saturna. After getting off the ferry, follow East Point Rd until you reach a T junction with Winter Cover Rd. Continue on East Point Rd by turning right(East)at the T. From the T drive 6.1 km along East Point Rd. The Strait of Georgia will be to your North for most of the way. After 6 km look on the North side of the road for Daisy's (#465). Start counting poles from Daisy's. Park at 6th pole from Daisy's(about 0.4 km) and walk along the road to the curve
ahead (it wouldn't be smart to park at the curve). On the South side of the road you will see a large rectangular slab (9ft tall 6ft wide and 1 ft thick) propped up at the side of the ditch. Stand on the East side of the slab, look in the top crevice (at eye level if you are tall). Lift the loose rock off the letter box.