Blakely Dam Pawprint  LbNA # 12085 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 7 2004
LocationHot Springs/ Mountain Pine, AR
Found By Six Pack
Last Found Jul 15 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is at the top of Blakely Dam. The dam was built to form Lake Ouachita, which is supposedly one of the five cleanest lakes in North America.

The dam is about 20 minutes from Hot Springs. You'll go through the small town of Mountain Pine. Follow the signs to the dam.

At the foot of the dam is a park that is a great place to picnic and fish. Go all the way to the dam and follow it along its base. You'll pass the power plant. Follow the road toward the right and it will climb to the top of the dam.

Drive across the top of the dam and enjoy the beautiful view.

Park at the end of the dam, and you'll see some steps that go down to Lake Ouachita (pronounced WASH-i-taw). These steps are used by divers who like to explore the waters by the dam.

Go down 19 steps to the first landing. To the right, you'll see a stone seat that must have been built a long time ago. Climb through the railing of the steps and go to the seat. Facing the back of the seat, you'll see a tannish stone about 6 feet away at about one o'clock. The box is hidden under the stone.

If it's the least bit windy down below, you'll probably be able to fly a kite when you are done. Nice breezes usually blow across the top of the dam.