Troop 330  LbNA # 12105

Placed DateNov 5 2004
LocationHartville, OH
Found ByLi'l Green Ducky (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 10 2012


quail hollow state park
Follow the signs from the parking lot to the Manor House. Go to the sign for the Manor House. Walk down the NE path, past the office sign and follow the path to the right to the yellow post.
Follow the hiking trial past the garden and the peatland Trail.
Turn west/left on to the Woodland Swamp trail. It is located right before the bridge.
When you get to the sign follow the Woodland Swamp Trail going NW, go on the trail that is marked Shady Lane parking.
Turn right/North on Beaver pond trail.
Follow this trail to the log stairs. At the stairs, go up the hill opposite the stairs.
When you get to the top of the hill, put your back to the tree with graffiti, and go 9 paces until you get to a mound of dirt. Immediately behind the mound of dirt is a downed tree. On the left side of this downed tree (in the partially hollowed out section) resides the letterbox covered with bark. (about 2ft. from the end.)
To return to the parking lot go back the Beaver Pond trail the way you just came until you reach the parking lot.