Johnson Creek Covered Bridge  LbNA # 12138 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 13 2004
LocationBurika, KY
Found By bigpoppaduz
Last Found Jun 19 2005
Hike Distance?

Johnson Creek Covered Bridge alongside Route 1029 near Burika, Robertson County. 1874.

On Oct. 31, 2003 it was announced that this bridge would probably have to be taken down for renovations because of severe damage from flooding.
It has been flooded, burned, and vandalized, and it is leaning to one side....

BUT as of November 13,2004 IT IS STILL STANDING PROUD !!
(with an addition of a Motorrad Letterbox .....)

I rode Kentucky backroads from Cincinnati.
thru Alexandria Ky. Routes 27, AA Highway to route 10 ,22,and then found route 165 ! .
Route 165 is a Beautiful, newly paved road w/ curvy sweepers, and no gravel .....and the vistas are wonderful.
Just head for Blue Licks State Park and you will see the signs to Johnson Creek Covered Bridge !

Clues :
((( Newark Earthworks Stamp )))
All I had with me at the time !!

Walk through the bridge to the South End.
Stop at the guard railing .
Standing at the West end of the rail
Look Due South and you will spot a fence post .
Look under the edge of a rock next to the post.
Please rehide carefully.
I figured if the Covered Bridge is ever moved ,the rock will still be in place!!