Kings Mountain  LbNA # 12162

Placed DateSep 26 2004
LocationBlacksburg, SC
Found By FreeBird
Last Found Sep 28 2006
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Kings Mountain National Military Park
2625 Park Rd.
Blacksburg, SC 29702

Getting There: Kings Mountain National Military Park is on SC 216, just south of the North Carolina/South Carolina boarder. The park is 60 miles north of Greenville, SC and 39 miles south of Charlotte, NC. From I-85 take NC exit 2; drive south on SC 216 and follow signs to the park. Kings Mountain is the location of a pivotal battle during the Revolutionary War, which took place here in September 1780.

Hike = Easy. Allow 45-60 min. for the entire loop. Excellent for kids. Trail is paved. A compas will be helpful to have at the end.

Park in the Visitor Center, obtain a park map, and then locate the Battlefield Trail. From here, follow the clues below.

•The Battlefield Trail is a 1.5 mile self-guided trail that runs counter-clockwise from the starting point.

•Wander the path until you locate the “100 Years” Monument featured prominently along the trail.

•The monument has 4 sides. Go to the side that pays tribute to the doomed Patrick Ferguson, and the patriots Campbell, Shelby, Williams, Cleveland, and Servier.

•With your back to the monument, march 50 paces to the East.

•Halfway on your march downhill, a Three Fingered Tree will reveal itself.

•Under a pile of rocks on the down-slope side of the tree (South East) you will find your prize.

Please be discreet and replace everything hidden as you found it or better. Read the Waiver of responsibility and disclaimer before setting out.

Placed by the Traveling Elderberrys on September 26, 2004.

PS. I checked this box on 7/16/06 and everything is still in good shape.