Riley Festival/Methodist Church  LbNA # 12178 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 15 2004
LocationGreenfield, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By stagaddis
Last Found Apr 22 2007
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****RILEY FESTIVAL PULLED DUE TO FLOODING****(Methodist Church should be okay, it's up quite a bit higher ground)

The city of Greenfield seems to have quite a bit dedicated to the poet James W. Riley as you will note by the Museum in his name on Main St. Each year in October they hold a festival in his honor with a different poem as the theme. It's an all weekend affair with contests and festival queens, the whole nine yards. Check out this website for more info.

These stamps can be found in the park named for him, on the east side of Greenfield. The park hours are listed as 6AM-11PM. There are plenty of ducks if you care to bring bread to feed them. Roundtrip time about 15-20 minutes. Easy terrain. Kid friendly, not strollers. Hand carved stamps.

If you find these, let me know how they're doing!

Box 1, the old Philadelphia Methodist Church (Alive and well 2/14/05)

I was a bit disappointed when I got there, that there wasnt a plaque or any info around the building and that it was locked (unlike the Cedar Baptist Church out in Franklin Co). However, on the website, it says this Church dates from 1853 (moved to this location in 1982) and is available for weddings and such.

Clues: Enter the park off of Main St (US 40). Take the first right and park in the lot between the playground equipment and basketball courts. Cross over the bridge with the green rails and follow the path up a small hill and you will see the Church. Sit on the front steps and take a reading of about 255 degrees. Walk 15 paces (pace = 2 steps) and you should be standing between the 2 southernmost posts. 29 more paces on the same heading and note the 3 foot stump to your right. On the west side, hopefully well covered by bark, is the Church stamp.

Box 2, Riley Festival

Clues: Head back down the path and cross the bridge to where you started. Across the parking lot to your right, find the sidewalk leading north. When it Y's, continue straight through the grass towards a large boulder by a bench facing the creek. Carved into the boulder is a bit of info about Riley. Continue north along the bank and you'll pass a stately oak on your left. If you're lucky, the creek will be flowing enough that you can enjoy the sounds of the small water fall just before another bridge. Continue along this side of the bank and pass the remains of a stone "railing" on your right. From here count about 22 paces further up the bank. Find the 30 ft "dead" tree with the a partial twin trunk (the west side is a stump). On the north side is about a 9 ft log with one end wedged up against the tree. On the west end of the log between it and the tree is the stamp. Please make sure the containers are well sealed (squeeze or pinch each corner together and re-hide well). Congratulations to Big Feet and Fever Fan...first finders! THey also say I may have inadvertently left off the plant date and my trail name as planter. If someone would like to add that, feel free. THanks, Trail Mail Junkie