Sandy Bacon  LbNA # 12179

Placed DateNov 6 2004
LocationSandy, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 14 2016

Funhog hid this bit o’ bacon created by Phynstar, a letterboxer from New York state.

Going east from Sandy on Highway 26 you will come to Ten Eyck Road at the outskirts of town. Go left here towards Roslyn Lake Park. Keep an eye on the road signs as you pass. When you see one that might be a likely route for finding some wet bacon, pass it by. Continue up to a Cliffside estate that would give you an excellent creekside view and the perfect spot for a very long nap.

In fact, you will find Bacon doing just that! From this grassy resting place, take a short trip at 130 degrees magnetic to the Emerald Isle. Continue on, past a marsh, to the spot where Mom rests in the shade of two firs. Ten steps away at 210 degrees Sandy Bacon is interred at the base of a tree.