Old Stone Lighthouse  LbNA # 12181

Placed DateNov 15 2004
LocationSanford, ME
Found By mrsmorrattus
Last Found Apr 14 2013
Hike Distance?

Note: During spring and fall this may be a little wet and slippery - take care!! This walk takes about 20-30 minutes, and would not be good for small children due to some rough terrain.)

Start at the center of Sanford where Thomas Goodall stands. Go North on 109 until you see the place where the tennis balls like to play. Take the right just before the court. You should see a covered picnic area on the left. Just before the picnic area there is a road to a dirt parking lot, turn in and park your car. Find the broken fence with two spots of green... Here you will start your quest.

Head down the rock strewn path that leads to the lane of green dots. You will come across a set of stairs and a bridge (please be careful, these can be slippery in the wet weather, and the bridge only has one rail!) Travel along the path of dots, stay away from "dead ends" and "arrows" they will take you awry. When you reach the cross roads, read the sign post and head NE towards the pond. Take aproximatly 73 (I have LONG legs - your steps may vary!!) paces down the path. When you reach the end of the paces you should see an old lookout tower. Face north and take a reading on your compass of 60°. You should see an unused path. Take approximatly 25 steps you should see a bar of stone in front of you, look right and see a wooden beam. Walk to the end of the beam and look for the pile of old logs... what you seek lies there.

This our first letterbox!! It was placed by ddbyrd & Excelsior. Enjoy!! Please let us know how you found the contents!! Thanks!

*Update - 8.29.11 Checked the box today and found a FULL notebook!! Replaced the notebook and plastic bag, but will be getting a new box as the old one is wet inside and the writing has worn almost off due to the weather.

9.24.05 - letterbox checked and the ink pad has been replaced with a new one. Thanks to all who have visited our letterbox!!