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The 19th  LbNA # 12200 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 17 2004
Location???, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By
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This box is in recognition of the man who designed the state flag. Hand carved stamp. Drive-by. About 5 minutes total once you locate the cemetary.

Clues:****REPORTED MISSING 6/26/05****

There is a small (1200 sq. ft) Memorial Mini-park dedicated to him in an urban location. From the intersection of this park, head north on the street with a state name. When you come to the street named for the first president, turn left. Be on the lookout for the Old Cemetary. Try to find parking not directly in front of it if possible. Enter under the archway and locate Eliza Moore's monument. On a heading of about 90-95 degrees, take 15 paces. Locate a 1 foot stump up against the fence. You know you're in the right place if there is a fairly large multitrunked tree about 3 paces to the right. Between the stump and the fence on the southside of the stump should be your hidden treasure. Look carefully under the leaves, this is a camo covered jar, more of a microbox. This was a fall plant and there were about 10 inches of leaves. Please re-hide well and let me know if this location needs changed as the seasons change. Blue and yellow markers will enhance the stamp. You will need to bring your own ink. And congratulations again to Fever Fan and Big Feet...first finders.