Gladys Carnahan Memorial  LbNA # 12217 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 18 2004
LocationLansing, KS
Planted ByThe Gardener    
Found By Goddess
Last Found Jul 13 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 22 2015

Drive to the south end of Lansing, Kansas on HWY 7/73 to Gilman Rd. Turn East on Gilman and south at the first opportunity into a small parking lot. You will find yourself at the Trailhead of Lansing's newest city park, Kelly Grove Trail. Begin up the hill to the edge of the woods and follow the trail markers. The last, #16 is near a small loop in the trail. At the North end of the loop, looking North, you should be able to see part of a ravine which empties into the creek far below. Go off the trail and find the head of the ravine. CAREFULLY make your way down the ravine to a large slab of rock lying in the middle, nearby will be another huge slab on the North bank of the ravine. Standing on the slab in the middle, turn facing the way you came and start looking for the letterbox. It is very visible from below.
NOTES: This letterbox is in memory of Gladys Carnahan, granddaughter of the pioneer the wooded trail is named after. I had the opportunity to befriend Gladys while researching my family genealogy. She remembered buying candy at my GREAT, GREAT Grandfathers store in Lansing when she was a girl. Gladys was an active member in the Daughters of the Revolution and the local Genealogical Society. She stood about 5 feet tall and had thick long pure white hair which she kept in a bun. Her speech was filled with
19th century colloquialisms, don't cha know. She lived alone with her faithful dog until her eyesight and hearing were so greatly impaired, that she had to move to South Carolina with her granddaughter. She was an amazing woman.

When she passed, her granddaughter sold the majority of the land, less 14 acres, which she donated to the City of Lansing for this walking trail.