Northwest Wildlife Series *OWL*  LbNA # 12245

OwnerCamp Fire Lady    
Placed DateNov 20 2004
LocationCamas, WA
Found ByAzroadie
Last UpdateJun 24 2010


Clues: Easy
Trail: Easy
Find Time: 30 minutes

Make your way to Lacamas Lake Park in Camas, WA.
Park in the parking lot before the bridge. Start your journey from the trail on the left of the parking lot. Keep in mind while on the trails that you will always be staying left. Follow the trail keeping Round Lake on your left side and stop at the kiosk for a map to learn about the area as you go. Cross over Round Lakeís main dam. Turn which way at the sign? Thatís right, left. Or is that left is right. Anyway, ascend the trail. At the top turn which way? You get it now. Pass the viewing platform and stop at the bridge. Take a bearing of 60 degrees, walk 36 paces and have a seat. As you sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature, look across the trail to find the box in the palm of the hand.

Please cover and rehide the box well before leaving the area.