All Gone  LbNA # 12332

Placed DateNov 24 2004
LocationZionsville, IN
Planted ByTrail Mail Junkie    
Found By Boston Terrorists
Last Found Dec 30 2008
Hike Distance?

This box was inspired by the leaves being nearly "all gone". To find this box you need to locate the Creekside Nature Park on the east side of Zionsville on the south side of 334. From Indy, you may wish to go north up 421 (just past Altum's nursery) and West on 334 and look for this little park on the south side of the road just after the bridge and across from Lions Park. For others, maybe taking I-65 to the Zionsville exit (334) and heading east past the downtown area and the big park (Lion's) will be on your left and the one you want Creekside on your right. For more info on this park and others in Zionsville check out this link: The park is open sunrise to sunset. No fee. Kid and pet friendly, but not strollers. Hand carved stamp.

Word has it, it could use new bags, if anyone gets a chance before I do to provide first aid, it would be appreciated. Let me know. Thanks


Park in the parking lot and head east on the paved trail. You will soon come to Eagle Creek. Follow the path south along the creek. Really cool trees, rocks, birds like the belted kingfisher etc. (just wish you couldn't hear the road noise). Keep on the path as it winds its way westerly. Be on the lookout for a quite unusual 6 trunked tree on the right edge of the trail. From here take about 30 paces (pace = 2 steps) farther along the trail and spy the 3 large syacamores to the right, all leaning towards the creek and all spawning from the same "logroot". Go to this unusual work of nature and nearly due east spy the granddaddy of sycamores. From its north side, take a northerly path about 6 paces. Take a reading of approximately 340 degrees and 9 more paces should bring you to a triple trunked thirty foot twisty tree with a fourth branch broken and pointing to the west. In the base of this tree (southside) in a camo jar is the stamp. Head back to the trail and continue the loop which is the quickest way back to the parking lot and takes you past some cool looking trees and the remains of an old bridge. Total time about 15-20 minutes. We planted this in the rain and the trails were quite slick. Also wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a bit of poison ivy and mosquitos other times of year. I would love hearing from those of you who find it. Also, for those who haven't been to Zionsville before, they have a neat little shopping district about 2 minutes or less west of this park with fun shops and cafes. Reminds us a bit of Saugutuck, Michigan.

Congratulations to Big Feet and Fever Fan, first finders.