Swiper the Brave  LbNA # 12363

Placed DateNov 23 2004
LocationWashington, CT
Found By Apeman691970
Last Found May 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Swiper strikes again! This time he is hiding at the Institute for American Indian Studies. (Formerly the AIAI...O?) It you are looking for this box with children, it shouldn't take more than half-an-hour. It is a nice easy trail and there are other things to see and do, you can check it out at www.fieldtrip.com/ct/38680518.htm before you go.

-From Rt 199 in Washington, turn onto Curtis Rd (you'll see the sign for the Insitute).
-Follow road to end and take a right into the driveway (another sign points the way).
-Park your car in the lot.

***Warning to the former kids- The ground layout here has changed. Don't try to cheat, follow the clues or you are in for a loooooooong walk.***

-From lot, keep the "White Cedar" on your right and head toward the "Maple".
-Continue forward on the path.
-At the "Sassafras" crossroads, go right to the "Healing Garden".
-Head up the hill steps.
-Continue upward and head back in time.
-Use the alphabet to count your steps A-Z.
-Take a right at the fire pit and head up the hill to the stone wall.
-You will see a large notch in the wall.
-Count M number of steps right along the wall.
-Below the white quartz stone, seek the three vertical stones.
-Swiper is behind the largest of the three.